The 10 Best Performances in the Nike Air Unlimited

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Nike Air Unlimited

Prior the 1993-94 season, Nike decided to launch a shoe that would be a huge asset for players looking to keep their ankles locked in no matter what direction they were moving on the court. The result was the Nike Air Unlimited, a shoe that carried a previously unheard of four straps around the ankle (two across the front and additional ankle and heel straps).

The shoe further added to its lockdown fit by adding a neoprene ankle booty first seen in the Nike Air Flight Huarache, which helped keep players’ feet snug and comfortable. A full leather upper ensured that no matter what kind of punishment was dished out, the shoe would be more than up to the task.

Because of its incredible support, the shoe was a favorite of big men across basketball. Some of the league’s top interior talent sported the shoe, which was worn exclusively during the 1993-94 NBA and NCAA seasons. These are the 10 Best Performances in the Nike Air Unlimited.


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