The 25 Best Workout Songs of 2013 (So Far)

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It’s mid-way past your 2013 new years resolution, and let’s admit, you’ve been jamming out to the same old songs. However, the right songs can inspire you to crank out another set or log an extra mile. Turn minor head-bopping into an intense body work out with music that moves you. Here are The 25 Best Workout Songs of 2013 (So Far).


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  • Michael Di Gennaro

    Black Skinhead – Kanye West

  • John

    Whoever made this list should be fired…Maybe 1 of these songs is even remotely close to being gym worthy. Fired….Immediately…

  • Nuri Simatupang

    THANK YOU!!! :”’))))))))) Awesome list!!

  • Realness

    Helen Keller’s workout playlist.

  • Ricke

    Absolute garbage! I agree, fire whoever made this list. It should NOT say 25 best workout songs of 2013. It should be a Hipster’s top 25 songs of 2013.

  • Josh

    umm…. lol

  • Dirk Dakinsky

    This list is fuckin horrible

  • Mike

    This list was made by a woman, for women. 1 to 25 were ALL weak

    • Jenna

      Don’t hate–as a woman, this was not nearly pumping enough. May I suggest Die Atwoord?

    • Jenna

      But this list is def lame.

  • bill

    you qre right losers exept that song of 30 second to mars

    • kD

      Yeah 30 sec was acceptable

  • Gym Rat

    Apparently no one here squats or deadlifts because none of these songs would get me through a heavy session of either.. Ugh…

  • Rachel

    Well… I maybe got 2 songs out of that… Even as a girl I think this is kinda lame!

  • Caitlin

    Great songs, added these to my playlist…for cleaning my house. Definitely not something I’d listen to while I workout. Working out=bass. Cleaning=calming and mellow.

  • #Truth

    On My Lord, This List Is Horrid.

  • Skeeter Savage

    How did James Blake make a workout playlist? This is the workout list for weak pussy hipster kids.

    • k

      I know reading is hard but this was on the page with the song….

      Best for: Vinyasa Yoga

      Why: Need something other than the occasional “Ohm” or few when you’re stretching out of Downward Dog? The title track off James Blake’s latest sounds great outside of the yoga studio, but it’s exceptional for a workout that seeks to tone and sooth both your mind and body.

      Thus, the answer to your question is likely that the song is good for yoga.

  • Mark

    what the FUCK

  • alex duss

    these are some really bad songs, my favorite workout song is Radioactive by imagine dragons.

  • Conor

    bullshit and more bullshit. WTF. All of these songs are complete shit and have no relation to a good workout session.

  • Rebell Red

    Love all the new tunes! Thanks

  • Brennen

    That was absolutely dreadful these are songs I skip over in a playlist..

  • Jason

    Has the person who made this list ever lifted weights or done a “grueling” crossfit training? Only 2 of these songs are even remotely good.

  • JimmityBob
  • TryAgain
  • John

    what the shit is that? so horrible

  • Jay Cutler

    i will sleep with these songs on my workout

  • HipsterHatinGymRat

    So this is what that hipster is listening to at the gym.

  • Chris Brown

    the stay remix is chilled

  • Greg
  • Greg
  • fakecountry

    Press Down by Hunter is my favorite workout song. Incredibly motivating. And it is actually good music.

  • Dalia I. Magdy

    this is terrible

  • Bernard Lewis

    i listen to this, what’s it with no.23?

  • Guest

    If you’re after some adrenaline fueled workout music and fitness music for exercises classes etc, check out our

  • Acal

    A 9-minute-song is good for about 1 mile… and I agree with John. This list stinks.



  • momalina

    god i hate when websites want me to click through a bunch of different pages

  • Clay

    This is absolutely the most disgusting shittiest most horrible mix of music I have ever heard. Author- kill yourself.