Everything Mud Runners Need for Their Next Race

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If you’re asking yourself “What could possibly possess thousands of people to spend hundreds of dollars to run a 10+ mile obstacle course?” The answer is mud, and the satisfaction of completing a physical feat they may have been putting off for a while. Which goes hand in hand with why this “sport” is growing so fast. It’s turning couch potatoes into fitness freaks and people are spreading the word.

Even though these courses kick your ass the first time around, there’s something so fulfilling and satisfying about finishing. It brings people back, it makes them crave more. More mud, faster times, bigger teams, bigger obstacles— just more.  Maybe mud runs are what the future needs with all the technology forcing out attention indoors.

Going into your first mud run can be a challenge, especially if you’re wandering into unfamiliar territory. Over the last three or four years, mud runs have ridiculously popular with the Spartan Race, Mud Run, and Tough Mudder being some of the most popular. Here’s Everything Mud Runners Need for Their Next Race.

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