The Shoes That Won Last Night: American League Wins All-Star Game

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Image via USA Today

Image via USA Today

As one legendary career comes to a close, another is just beginning. Last night, the American League defeated the National League 5-3 in the MLB All-Star Game, claiming their 13th win over the last 17 years. The biggest story of the night was 14-time All-Star Derek Jeter’s final ASG appearance, which was met with a showering of respect from fans and peers alike. Jeter had two hits on the night, and scored the AL’s first run of the game after an RBI from Mike Trout (pictured above). In his third All-Star appearance, Trout went home with the MVP honors and became the second youngest player in history to do so, trailing just behind Ken Griffey Jr. Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera had the only homer of the night in the first inning off of Adam Wainwright, which helped push the AL to an early 3-0 lead.

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