The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Streetball

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Nowadays, most basketball shoes are made so light and thin that they’d never last on an outdoor court. There are a few models released throughout the year that happen to be outdoor specific but even then, they can be hard to find unless you know the exact model’s name. If you’ve been having difficulties choosing the right pair to take with you to the blacktop without shelling out a ton of cash for a NIKEiD then check out The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Street Ball.

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  • jairus adams

    nike id

  • Blitz

    Obviously these shoes are built for ballers overseas too. Considering the fact that they’re all for outdoor games

  • Ronnie

    Hyper dunks are by far the worst streetball shoes you can have. I’ve went through 3 pairs within 5 months

    • WhiteMamba333

      U r dumb u bought the 2nd and 3rd paid even though u burned through the 1st one so quickly

  • JoeFlo

    horrible for outdoor. Bought them cause of this article and i wore out the front traction in 5 games, its smooth as a babys ass right now. Get the Nike Zoom Hyperfranchise XD, my roommate has them and there is still good traction after a yr or so. Thats what im buying now.

  • dave

    I have used 2 pairs of kobes both I have found a way to wear holes in the bottoms in less than 3 months from outdoor use.

  • Adi

    I have these sneakers and they are excellent for streetball. I do recommend to go 1/2-1 size up if you have wide feet as these run narrow. Does anyone know how to clean these, especially the toebox area which has this kind of synthetic material with pores? I’ve tried mild soar, shoe foam, magic eraser… Nothing works perfectly. I guess my next step would be to carefully use nail polish remover.

  • jake

    What about the old Reebok Blacktops?

  • J.R.

    I just ordered a pair of nike zoom hyperfranchise so I hope they’ll get the job done and I have high hopes that they will

  • esion lin

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