The 10 Best Retro Basketball Shoes to Play in Right Now

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Being fortunate enough to experience firsthand the tech advancements in performance basketball footwear over the last 25 years has been incredible and not to our surprise, there are quite a few great performance models that get the Retro treatment that will translate very well to on-court performance – even by today’s standards.  If you prefer hooping in classics but have a hard time deciding which ones to lace up, then check out The 10 Best Retro Basketball Shoes to Play in Right Now.

Nightwing2303 is the owner / publisher of KicksOnCourt and contributor to Sneaker Report. He hoops on the regular and loves sneaker tech as much as he loves food, and he really loves his food. You can keep up with Nightwing2303′s on and off court adventures on Twitter and Instagram


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  • Ej

    I was thinking he would put the Question Mids at 1..

    • Nightwing2303

      If it were based on my personal picks then maybe they would be up on the list but this is all about the Retro models that are best to play in from a performance standpoint – not a personal one.

  • Kris Head

    Penny 3’s, Crazy 8’s and Jordan 13’s I ball in every now and again on a good court there’s few better especially the penny 3 that’s consistently comfortable and supportive the whole time.

  • PapaBurr81

    I believe the Jordan XI is the BEST shoe to play in, full stop.
    Played in them until the carbon shank plate broke (and still played in them!!)
    Its stupid now that they go for $300 (thanks to ppl that dont wear them for what they are made for, balling!!)

  • don

    where’s the Questions and Answer IV?

  • JORDAN13he got game

    You should of Had the Air Jordan 6’s I have a pair myself for ball and they are sick I strongly agree with 12’s being number 2 they are such a great shoe I love the “taxi’s” they Are dope

  • AdamC

    Been balling in the Adidas Real Deals for the past 3 weeks, and after balling in nothing but Nikes for the past 5 years I was pleasantly suprised!!! They should be up here too lol!!! I got them for the look, but they are beasts lol!!! And they are durable outdoors lol!!!

  • Cool story bro

    I thought the Jordan 1s would be on here

    • JC

      Yeah..I balled in some all black Jordan 1’s for a few games, no complaints…very comfortable

  • dreamkiller

    Jordan 14s are best in my opinion, alot of cushion, very durable and good traction