The 10 Best Grass Court Tennis Shoes Available Today

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The Wimbledon Championships may be the oldest and most historic tennis tournament in the world, but let’s face it: grass court tennis just doesn’t have the same vibe today as it used to. There was a point in time when three of the four majors were played on grass. Today, the grass court season seems to get shorter and shorter, with more focus directed towards hard court and clay tournaments. In fact, if you break it down, the hard court season takes up nine months out of the year, clay is played for two, and grass gets just one.

So when it comes to footwear, it’s not surprising that there aren’t a whole lot of grass-specific options out there. In fact, unless it’s an outsole customized through Nike iD, you would be hard-pressed to go to your local tennis shop and see a “grass court” section. Instead, some players on tour continue to go with older, more established models, while others go for shoes designed for all-court use (meaning, technically, they can be used on grass, clay, or hard surfaces). In honor of the short grass court season, we here at Sneaker Report have put together a list of the best shoes designed for the green stuff. These are the 10 Best Grass Court Tennis Shoes Available Today.

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