The 15 Most Unusual Sneakers Worn During the 2013 NCAA Tournament

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While current, more modern, basketball sneakers like the Nike LeBron X and the adidas Crazy Quick got their fair share of the glory in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, it was somewhat surprising to see a variety of older models make their way onto the court in this year's big dance.

Older models, particularly retros have always had a special place in college basketball, but this year, it seems like players went deep into their sneaker closets to lace up in shoes that perhaps some of us weren't expecting to see out there.

With so much emphasis put on performance by footwear brands, some players look to their shoes to gain an edge on the competition. But there are plenty of college ballers out there who can fill it up in any pair of sneakers–whether it's the slightly outdated adidas Rose 773, or a pair of workboot-style retros in the Nike Air Zoom Generation. Here are The 15 Most Unusual Sneakers Worn During the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

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