The 25 Best Signature Trainers of All Time

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If there’s such a thing as a golden era of cross trainers, without a doubt it's the ‘90s.

Fueled by larger-than-life athletes of the time, like Bo Jackson and John McEnroe, the ‘90s saw a boom in cross-training needs—something that had been overlooked up until then. With Nike at the forefront, footwear brands realized the need for a multipurpose shoe that would provide the proper stability and support for more than one activity. The immediate result was the Nike Air Trainer 1, McEnroe’s first ever signature sneaker, which turned out to be a sudden success.

What followed was a decade of memorable trainer releases endorsed by some of the biggest names in all of sports—guys like Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, Ken Griffey Jr., and Jerry Rice.

Now, we realize it’s still April, meaning technically it's still basketball season. But as the NFL draft gets underway in New York City, the smell of pigskin may as well be in the air. To celebrate the “best time of the year,” see if any of your favorite NFL pros made the list of The 25 Best Signature Trainers of All Time.


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