The 25 Most Popular Elite Racing Shoes Today

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It seems like everyone wants to be a runner nowadays, and hey, why not—it’s a great way to get your ass off the couch and into shape. So go ahead, put on your shoes and do your lap around the block. Just know that there’s a difference between the casual runner (you) and the elite one (not you).

The difference? Aside from putting in countless hours on the road, and greater natural abilities, elite runners know the difference between an average shoe, and, well, an elite one.

Just as some runners are faster than others, some running sneakers are designed to be faster than others. So, you can keep running along in your beat up shoes with the outsole ready to fall out from under you. Or you can get serious about this running thing and lace up like a winner. These are The 25 Most Popular Elite Racing Shoes Today.

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  • Anonymous

    It would be really helpful if both sides of the shoe were shown. I don’t pronate as much as supinate, and pronater shoes encourage further supination. I need to see both sides of the shoe!

  • anonymous

    most of the shoes on here are clearly not elite “racing flat” poor review, and missing some obvious contenders.