A History of Tracy McGrady in the adidas T-MAC

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A lot of basketball has been played since adidas signed then Orlando Magic superstar Tracy McGrady to a lifetime endorsement deal in April 2002. But now that the 33-year-old veteran has made his way back to the league with the San Antonio Spurs — yeah, the same Spurs McGrady dropped 13 point in the last 33 seconds of the game on back in ’04 — it’s time to take a look back at the T-Mac’s signature sneaker line with the Three Stripes that was all the buzz in the early-mid 2000’s. This is A History of Tracy McGrady in the adidas T-MAC.


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  • eF

    wrong picture in tmac2 shoes, does are the “new” one

    • Alejandro

      Damn true the new one’s are ugly

  • SirWonderful1906

    The T-mac 1 thru 3 – were bulky, but damn were they comfortable!!!!!!

  • Tuckerchisholm

    Tmacs were all very indicative of the time with the streetball craze and bling. I think Adidas could easily make money off retrospect of 1-4. As soon as players get to the end of their career the nostalgia is crazy and people eat up their shoes. I would get 1s probably.

  • Patrick

    What dose the adjuster do on the back of the t Mac 4