The Ultimate Guide to Novelty Races

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Image via MHU

Image via MHU

If you’re the type of person who watches “Wipe Out” and thinks it looks like a pleasant Saturday morning, you’re gonna love this.

A weekend run no longer has to be point A to B, as obstacle races are popping up almost daily, and the average 5k race around your local jogging route has greatly evolved. A course full or grueling obstacles including mud, foam, moving obstacles, 8 foot walls, and even fire jumps. With so many new races popping up all over the place, it’s tough to follow and figure out which race is the best for you. Because of it’s popularity, the obstacle race phenomenon has sprouted up numerous variations offering different levels of difficulty for all types of athletes no matter how young or old.

Pick the one for you, here is Your Complete Guide to Novelty Races.

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