What the 10 Best MLB Players Wear and Why

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matt harvey

There’s a revolution going on in baseball, and reading this means you are a part of it.  Like “Moneyball” for your feet, performance footwear is better than ever and the ballplayer is getting the benefit.  Up until recently, the majority of players had two choices— flap-over Nikes that looked like the spikes Ty Cobb was skinnin’ shins with in 1905 or Mizunos that looked like the Nikes.

Times have changed. New Balance is showing up on the feet of Nike athletes, Under Armour has made innovative strides with their Spine technology, and adidas is looming.  Naturally, Nike is not resting on their reputation.  The cleat game has become a dogfight, and the proof is in the footing. Mike Carozza, Editor of WhatProsWear, a site for those who want to wear what the best athletes in the world are wearing, explains What the 10 Best MLB Players Wear and Why.


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