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Nike Debuts New 2014 Mach Speed Uniform for the Oregon Ducks

Nike has rolled out the latest Mach Speed Uniform for the Oregon Ducks in 2014.

Including heavy-duty stretch-woven panels strategically placed to provide lock down on the shoulder pads across the chest and back, a new Nike Chain Maille 2.0 mesh fabric, laser-cute pods, and laser perforated mesh panels to increase airflow over major heat zones of the body, the Mach Speed uniform is the most innovative Nike Football uniform to date.

“We meet with the team on a regular basis to gain insights into what they need on the field,” said Todd Van Horne, Football VP and Creative Director. “They’ve told us that uniform fit, range of motion, and airflow make a drastic difference on the field, and we are excited to provide them with a uniform that solves those problems and helps them perform on the field.”

Stay tuned to see the 2014 Nike Mach Speed Oregon Uniform which will be integrated into the team’s wardrobe for the upcoming season.


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