The 10 Best Basketball Sneakers for Players with Flat Feet

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Believe it or not, we are all born flat footed. Exercise helps humans develop the arch naturally and promote proper development of the foots ligaments and tendons but some people never properly develop their arch for one reason or another. This will cause overpronation and leave you susceptible to multiple injuries and ailments such as plantar fasciitis. Since some players may need a little more support than others – due to having flat feet – check out The 10 Best Basketball Sneakers for Players with Flat Feet.


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  • Henry

    Can you tell us your orthotic insole choices. Thanks

    • David

      You need to get one molded to your foot. They are pricey. There’s a doctor for it

  • Tyler

    How can you rate the drose 777 2 and the crazy light 3… Are they also good choices for people with plantar fasciitis? Does a lower to he ground shoe helps better than a more cushioned shoe? Thanks. Hoping for your favorable reply.

  • Jonatan Jimenez Delgado

    Can you do write and article about
    ¿The 10 Best Basketball Sneakers for Players with Plantar fascitis?


    • Neisha Perez Gueho

      That would be awesome! I suffer from this daily and I have spent ridiculous amounts of money on shoes that just end up making it worse. Would love to find some good suggestions that would ease this particular issue.

  • Muhammad Malik

    Ive been using custom orthotics for 4 years and the amount if pain at the end of a game iso so intense I can hardly stand. I need to be picked up because I can’t put any weight on my feet. I just recently bought those Dr Scholes inserts and they work a lot better than $300 insoles. I do still get pain but its much less, I’m rolling my arhces on a tennis ball as I wrote this heh

    • Jim

      I totally agree….Not that specific insoles aren’t a good option to the OEM insole that comes in the shoes…But that no one says, that a drastic increase in arch height in a custom orthotic is just too much of a jump or stressor for the low arch or flat footed person right off the bat.
      The so called professionals on the topic with these articles don’t even touch base on what I’m saying….You can’t go and lift someone’s current arch “too much too quickly” as that will create excessive stretch on the arch & muscular & tendons, and thus create excessive pain.
      This arch support needs to be done on a gradual basis, increasing the arch support & height slowly, so the foot can handle the changes without possible injury & pain…Not in a radical “too much too quick” a way.
      Just my opinion on this topic of arch support.

  • B.D.

    Those Foamposites are too heavy and one of the least comfortable basketball shoes I have ever played in. Great list other than that…