50 Game-Changing Performance Sneakers to Watch for in 2014

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50 lead 50 Game Changing Performance Sneakers to Watch for in 2014

With the start of the new year comes new footwear possibilities. While 2013 didn’t disappoint when it comes to marquee performance footwear releases, 2014 is expected to be even better for athletes looking to lace up in best of the best in hopes of improving their game—whether it’s on the track, court or field.

Before the year is over, there will be more new shoes on the market than you can keep track of. As it goes every year, with each passing month brands will undoubtedly roll out bigger and better footwear technology as they look to continue to shake up the performance footwear industry.

In anticipation of the long—but exciting—year ahead, we’ve compiled a list of 50 notable sneakers (that we know of so far) which every athlete should keep a keen eye out for in 2014. Keep in mind that this list probably only represent about a third of the performance footwear crop for the year. With that being said, these are 50 Game-Changing Performance Sneakers to Watch for in 2014.

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  • Ben

    cant believe you didn’t include the Rose 5(leaked) with a boost midsole

  • 888sneakerstreet.com

    They don’t look too “game changing” to me except for the Kobes. The rest are just a new marketing gimmick.

  • Brendan Gilhooly

    A list better described as: Kobes 9s, a new Flyknit model, some dope cleats (if you still play football or soccer), and no mention of some of the real heat coming out in 2014, like the ELITE versions of the new KD and Lebron models, the new Flyknit models (ESPECIALLY the free 3.0! Come on, dopest footsock ever).

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